chapter 20 Fluids/el

Question Answer Urine specific gravity value or more than 1.030 indicates the urine is concentrated, as in conditions of dehydration Urine specific gravity value less than 1.003 to 1.000 indicates urine is dilute, as in conditions of verhydration The normal blood level of sodium is 135-145 mEq/L hyponatremia less than 135 mEq/L Hypernatremia greater than […]

TKaM Chapter 1

Term Definition Imprudent not showing care or concern for consequences Wallow to indulge in an unrestrained way Taciturn reserved or uncommunicative in speech Sojourn a temporary stay Apothecary a person who prepared and sold medicines in past times Nebulous vague; unclear Indigenous produced, living, or existing naturally in a particular region or environment Assuage to […]


Question Answer What illness may compromise a patient the ability to heal? Diabetes What illness may cause bleeding complications or an inability to metabolize some prescribed medications? Liver Disease A patient with thyroid and adrenal disease may not have the ability to do what? Under go anesthesia and respond to stress Kindness disease may prevent […]

Microbiology Lecture Test 1 Chapter 1

Question Answer Micro biology Scientific study of (mostly) living things that can’t be seen directly, must be analyzed through indirect methods in addition to using microscopes Pro-kary: pre nucleus Bacteria and archaea do not have a nucleus and have been traditionally classified as prokaryotes About 10x smaller than eukaryotic cells Single celled Lack organelles: small, […]

Exam 2 Medication immobility physical assessment

Term Definition Levothyroxine Thyroid medications. Lisinopril Classes Func: Anti-hypertensive, ACE inhibitor angiotension converting enzyme 1 Chem:Enalaprilat lysine analog Lisinopril Actions Selectively suppresses renin-angiotension-aldosterone system: inhibits ACE, Lisinopril Uses Mild – mod hypertension, acute MI, adjunctive therapy to systolic CHF Lisinopril Dosage PO 10-40mg a day, 80mg max Lisinopril Side Effects Vertigo, HA, fatigue, dizziness, hypotension, […]

Matter Vocabulary Science

Term Definition matter anything that has mass and takes up space condensation when a gas cools and becomes a liquid evaporation to convert into vapor melting point the temperature at which a solid melts boiling point the temperature at which a liquid boils freezing point the temperature at which a liquids solidifies density a measure […]