"20th Century Pyrographers"


An International Exhibition
of Pyrographic Art
Photo Courtesy of Andrews Art Museum, Andrews, North Carolina

Andrews Art Museum

Andrews, North Carolina


This rare exhibit will showcase talented

artists that work in the medium of pyrography.  




Winners of the 20th Century Pyrographers Exhibit :
1st. Place:
"Wolf Eyes" by Jessie O'brien

2nd Place:
"Hog Hunt" by Chip Jones

3rd. Place:
"Part Of A Collection Of 100 Sticks"
by Peter Drewett

Congratulations to all the Winners!

Here is a list of the Judges:
All three of the judges are members of
The Valley River Arts Guild....
The judges were:

Kappy King Cole -
She is one of the founders of the arts guild and a very active member.  She was a licensed Interior Decorator in Florida for nearly 50 years. 
She is also a painter and a potter for over 40 years now.

Vicki Van Rossum -
I enjoyed looking at all the pieces. I found all the art I viewed to be wonderful. And I was happy to have been chosen as a judge. I had seen the artform before, as it is something my daughter does on a limited scale. I even have something she made for me.
I did not know however that is was called pyrography. 
Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful exhibit of art,
and hats off to all the participants.

Ed Petska-
He is originally from Wisconsin but now resides in Murphy, NC. He paints in acrylics.

List of Exhibiting Artists:
Cindy Adams: (USA, Oregon)   

                                                              By Cindy Adams

 "Atlantic Salmon"


                                                             "Painted Rambler"

C. S. Alexis: (USA, Indiana / Nevada)
By C. S. Alexis
 “Human To Nature” 
"Lady in a Box" 

Dominic Angarano: (USA, Illinois)
By Dominic Angarano
"Old Navajo Warrior"   $575

"Chief, Holyman, And Warrier, Chief Short Bull"   $475

 "Native Woman With Child”

(on mammoth ivory tip)    $350

Carlos Arturo Castellanos: (USA, Minnesota)
Facebook: Carlos Arturo Castellanos
By Carlos Arturo Castellanos

“Moon Over Splitrock At Lake Superior”

“What Lies Ahead”

“Two Guns”

Peter Drewett: (Australia)
 By Peter Drewett
"Walking Sticks"
 Closeup of Walking Stick by Peter Drewett

Terry Durham (USA, Tennessee)
By Terry Durham (aka Professor T)
“The Arabian”










Peter Green, (China)
By Peter Green

“Tiger, The King”






Shirley James, (USA, California)
 By Shirley James

“Splash Of Color”   $155

Pyrography with colored pencils on Joshua Tree Wood - 4" x 6"

 Framed with 100 year old barnwood


 “Twelve Faces”   $225
Pyrography with colored pencils on Joshua Tree Wood - 5" x 7"


“Asistencia Bells”   $260

Pyrography with colored pencils on Joshua Tree Wood - 8" x 10"



NOTE: Joshua Tree Wood is no longer processed and is in limited supply.

The living tree is now protected.





Chip Jones, (USA, Kansas)

Website: http://www.wildlifeartistry.com/index.htm

Email: wfjones2@sbcglobal.net


By Chip Jones

“Sweet Success”


"Hog Hunt"



Esin Kesici Kabas (Istanbul, Turkey)
 By Esin Kesici Kabas


30 cm x 40 cm( 11.81 inches x 15.74 inches )

2010 year painted water colors




30 cm x 40 cm( 11.81 inches x 15.74 inches )

2010 year painted water colours




 20 cm x 30 cm ( 7.87 inches x 11.81 inches )

2010 year painted water colours



Amber Langley, (USA, Texas)
Email: ambersembers@harrisbb.com
By Amber Langley

“Polly’s Preening Time”   $100



 “Simpler Times”   $100
“A Hard Day’s Work”   $100   (SOLD)

Stefania Mante, (Roma, Italy)
Website: http://stefaniamante.com
Email: Stefymante@libero.it
By Stefania Mante

“The Wolf”  $500




“The Lady”   $500


“The Lion”  $500



Cate McCauley, (USA, Rhode Island)
Website: http://catemcc.com
Email: catemccauley@gmail.com
By Cate McCauley

“Burnt Orange Sunflower”  $375

Image: 7" x 9-1/2" / Framed: 14" x 17"



“Barred Owl On The Prowl”  $500

Image: 6-3/4" x 10-1/4" / Framed: 14" x 17-1/2"

“Determined”   $600 

Image: 10" x 7" / Framed: 17" x 14"

Michele Parsons, (USA, North Carolina)
Website: http://www.ParsonsWoodArtistry.com
Email: NCwoodcarver@yahoo.com
 By Michele Parsons

“Up Close And Personal”




“Hold Onto Your Dreams”



“Ode To Mountain Tree”  (SOLD)



Terri Paulk, (USA, North Carolina)
Website: http://www.walkwithhymn.com
Email: Tlpaulk@comcast.net
By Terri Paulk

“HodgePodge Fan”



“Nosey Rosey”

                                  “Amazing Grace”  Walking Stick  (SOLD)
Closeup of "Amazing Grace" by Terri Paulk

Jo Schwartz, (USA, Kansas)
Website: http://www.joschwartz.net  (Burning Tree Art)
By Jo Schwartz

"Hold It Right There"



“Wisdom Keeper”



"Eye on the Herd" 




Danette Smith, (USA, Ohio)

Website: http://www.dangeespyrography.com

Email: dangee1@frontier.com



 By Danette Smith


 "Eagle Territory"   $450


"Riders in the Sky"  



"Wild and Free"   $400



Tom Vogler, (USA, North Carolina)
Facebook: Tom Vogler
Email: tmvogler@hotmail.com
By Tom Vogler

“Plantation Children”


“Woman Of The High Plains”



“Old Indian Warrior”




Don Worden, (USA, Ohio)

Website: http://www.woodburningsbydon.com

Email: don@woodburningsbydon.com




 By Don Worden



  “Mabry Mill On The Blueridge Parkway In Western Virginia”  $500



   “German Shepherd”   $200



 "Autumn Scene, Pump With Pumpkins And Other Fruit"   $250



 Jessie O'brien, (USA)



 By Jessie O'brien




 “Wolf Eyes” on burl





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